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Do you have a Gentle Giant kind of dog? Is he a healthy English Mastiff?  Do all your neighbors say , ” Wow, he is so large! How do you care for him?”  Do you have a hard time finding foods and treats that are good for your large breed dog?  Well we have some natural solutions for you.  We also have an English Mastiff and one of the reasons we decided to do a website on this large dog breed was that there is little out there to help us understand the needs they have.   We also wanted to make sure Gabe was not having any joint issues.  Large Breed Dogs do have joint issues–so we found mini soft chew TRP-Synovial-FLEX.  Synovial-Flex Joint Care Minis (120 Chews)                ……………………………………………………………….. Large dogs have a very sensitive stomach and can cramp and bind intestines very easily.  We needed some solutions to making sure our English Mastiff was well cared for as well as loved. These chews are excellent and keep him up and running!!

   Gabe also needs toys so that he doesn’t chew anything else.  He greets us each day with a different toy from his massive toy box.  We love these types of toys:  Doggles Pentapulls Eco-Friendly Dog Toys - Squirrel Doggles Pentapulls Eco-Friendly Dog Toys – Squirrel.       They are easy for Gabe, and other large dogs. He seems to like these best, though.  Must be the feel of them.   We have many as you could guess. English Mastiff’s also love to take walks and show off.

Gabe Calm and very collected

Gabe loves to walk and show off!!!!

They look like lions and are always getting the looks from people and other dogs.  Makes Gabe feel so COOL!!!  We have tested many collars and leashes as you can imagine,  but we feel Cesar still has the best for the large Mastiff.  CesarsWay.com has the perfect present for dog lovers or anyone with a sense of humor! For a limited time there is a new clothing line featured on CesarsWay.com! These 100% Cotton Tees are called Bark & Bones Limited edition T-Shirts! These shirts have phrases like French Kiss, Free Licks, and Fun Tricks! Click the image below for a larger picture of the Tees from CesarsWays.com! There are four sassy designs to choose from, all made with soft 100% cotton, in four sizes for men and women!

Cesar Millan Bright Light Collar�?� - Large, Green

Click here for Cesar’s Leashes and CollarsPurinaCare Pet Insurance

 Gabe so at Peace with his new collar

 Gabe loving life and waiting for Dad to come home!!

Murphy the Beagle

Murphy from Texas

Treats, toys, Food, Beds & Flea Control     This is a new great resource for our group.  Check out our blog called “Dogs licking Paws: Solution”  Murphy, The Beagle from Texas is a shining example of how this Fromm product!!!!

Gabe says woof woof and make sure to read the BLOGS!!!!!

Fromm Four-Star Dog Food – Whitefish & Potato (15 lb)
Fromm Four-Star Dog Food - Whitefish & Potato (15 lb)

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